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Cappadocia region, together with most beautiful place in the world of nature and history. Peribacaları'nı creating geographic events, historical process, the people also, within these earth pillars houses and churches carved, decorated with frescoes by them, carried the marks of a thousand years old civilizations. Human settlements goes back to the Paleolithic period, the Hittites of Cappadocia begins with written history. Trade between the colonies and countries throughout the history of commercial and social hosts who set up a bridge in Cappadocia, Silk Road, one of the important junctions. BC XII. century, the collapse of the Hittite Empire, the region starts in a dark period in the late Assyrian and Hittite kings ruled the region will carry the Phrygian effects. The Kingdoms VI BC. century until the invasion of Persia takes. Cappadocia name used today, in the language of Persia, "Land of Beautiful Horses" means.

Defeat the Persians in 332 BC, Alexander the Great, but meets great resistance in Cappadocia. During this period, established the Kingdom of Cappadocia. BC III. Century. Towards the end of Roman power in the region begins to be felt, and BC First Kings of Cappadocia in the middle of century, the Roman generals assigned to the power and reduced to the throne. Died in 17 AD, the last king of Cappadocia, a province of Rome in the region olur.MS III. century, Christians in Cappadocia, income and region, they will become the center for training and thought. Christians, thoroughly applied pressure increases between the years 303-308. But avoid the pressures and the Christian doctrine of Cappadocia is the ideal place to spread. Soft volcanic rocks, deep valleys and creates a safe space for shelters, the Roman soldiers.

IV. century, then the "father of Cappadocia, known as " the people saw the birth of Cappadocia. But the importance of the region, III. Leon's Icons culminated banned. Under these circumstances, to take shelter in the area, some people began to pro-Icon. Iconoclasm movement lasted more than a hundred years (726-843). Several Cappadocian churches were in the middle of this period, the influence of Iconoclasm, the people who were in favor of icons easily continued to worship. Made great progress in this period, the monasteries of Cappadocia. In these periods, the Christian regions of the Arab invasion of Anatolia, Armenia, Cappadocia began. People from this region to escape incursions led to changes in styles of the churches in the region. XI. And XII. Centuries have passed into the hands of the Seljuks in Cappadocia. In this and subsequent times of the Ottoman period the region had a trouble-free. Christians in the region last conducted in 1924-26 with the exchange, Cappadocia had left, leaving behind a beautiful architectural examples.


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